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One of my favorite lesser-known documentaries – BEETLE QUEEN CONQUERS TOKYO – is coming to NYC’s Film Forum May 12th – 18th. A strong run there will bring the  film to theaters across the country, but they need your help. If you haven’t yes been invited to fund a project using kick-starter as their fund-raising engine – this is a great chance to give it a try. Filmmaker Jessica Oreck and team have crafted a tier of gifts for each level of donation which seem so cool I hope they start selling them too. Visit the project here and give what you can, even $10 will help reach their goal. [Read more →]

April 2, 2010   3 Comments

RARE: Portraits of America's Endangered Species

Photographer Joel Sartore has a new book out capturing some of the nations most endangered species. With a minimalist aesthetic similar to Late Nights and Weekends (the guys behind Creatures and Wisdom), Joel captures the essence of these miraculous creatures and hopes to connect with readers strongly enough to spur action. Another example in a surging wave of activism through media and the arts. I haven’t heard word of an accompanying film yet but by the looks of this trailer for the book, my money says (*hopes*) it’s in the works.

If you love learning more about the amazing creatures we share this earth with, check out Joel’s blog.

March 24, 2010   No Comments