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From Sugar Hill Gang…

This Friday, a clip from Jimmy Fallon earlier this fall – nothing better than two white guys tracing the history of rap with the Roots behind them. The Snoop Dogg impression might be my favorite, though Biggie takes a close second and ahh Eminem, Solja Boy, Rhianna, they’re all hilarious. Love it.

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Dev x Hellz Bellz

Dev takes the look book concept to a new level for Hellz Bellz with the video for her new track Booty Bounce:

Dev x Hellz Lookbook from HELLZ on Vimeo.


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Momma's Day Music Picks

Every Mom deserves some great music to relax to that nourishes and restores the soul. My top picks this year:

Rosanne Cash’s “The List”, covers of twelve songs selected from ‘the list’ of 100 Essential Country Songs her father gave to her when she was on the road with him at 18.

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Michael Bublé x Nordstrom

In follow up to the post earlier this week on brand collaborations, another company doing it well. Nordstrom is sponsoring Michael Bublé’s Crazy Love national tour and has started releasing tongue-in-cheek webisodes chronicling the tour along with a full microsite subtly highlighting the connections between the artist and the brand. The best part of all this work? They let Michael do what he does well and give him room to shine.

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Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

And again I’m reminded, there is nothing quite like the power of a documentary film to stir the soul. With so much media available at our fingertips, docs can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. The DVDs ordered from Netflix or lent from a friend sit there in their cases, look at you, you look at them, but somehow the momentum to play them just can’t be summoned. [Read more →]

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