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Join a CSA

Looking for a way to get access to locally grown, pesticide-free veggies in NYC? I’m proud to be part of the core team at the Central Park West CSA and we’re accepting members through the end of the month. Founded 4 years ago by Forefront Church‘s Jonathan Williams, all veggies are sourced from Angel Family Farm and fruit from Breezy Hill orchard.

Learn more about Angel Family Farm here:

If you’re not on the upper west side, Just Food has a great database of CSAs in the city. It’s a great way to support local farmers and challenge your culinary skills with new produce each week!

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Know Where Your Fish Comes From

Love this video for Mac’s Seafood from Peel&Eat about their Wellfleet Oysters & Clams. Lots of times when I say the words “socially conscious advertising” I get a long blank stare and hear the crickets start chirping. But, here is a perfect example of how simple socially conscious advertising can and should be. A piece that simultaneously raises awareness for the importance of thoughtful business practices like shopping local or traceability and positions Mac’s Seafood at the very center of that universe. Of course the beautiful cinematography and lyrical script doesn’t hurt either. A beautiful portrait of hard, honest work.

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Chipotle goes “Back to the Start”

Willy Nelson’s haunting rendition of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” serves as the backdrop for this Chipotle commercial/ short-film that aired during the Grammy’s on Sunday. Once again, Chipotle nails the socially conscious advertising category. In just over 2 minutes the piece by filmmaker Johnny Kelley vividly illustrates the rapid modernization we’ve seen in the food industry and makes a commitment to choose a better, more sustainable way – helping open people’s eyes to the insanity of the current food system and expertly positioning Chipotle at the epicenter of that change. Here’s hoping the momentum continues.

Download the song here: Proceeds go to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

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TerraCycle Upcycling

It’s always good to get out of the marketing bubble that is NYC and see what people in the rest of the country are doing. Out in Denver this fall I came across a POP display for a partnership Kashi and Bear Naked (A Kashi Company brand) launched with this great organization TerraCycle encouraging customers to send in their empty boxes and packaging. TerraCycle upcycles and recycles discarded products to help reduce the volume we are sending to landfills as well as saving the raw materials needed to create packaging and products.

They have “brigades” all over the world collecting trash and sending it in for points and cash donations ($.02/ unit!) to charities as well as collection programs at major retailers and venues. Some of their products are a little kitschy – Lays gym bag anyone? – but their thinking is so innovative in its simplicity and impressive in their scope of action. I love the eco-friendly fire log for my friend’s fire place (you know who you are), the bike rack for my imaginary back yard and the seed starter set who says it’s just for kids!

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Chipotle Cultivate Festival

So much to love about the recent Chipotle Cultivate Festival in Chicago.  Free to get in, dishes highlighting fresh, local, responsibly grown ingredients, celebrity chefs, great indie bands, and an entire experience dedicated to “learn(ing) about sustainable farming and get rewarded along the way”.

My friends at Loomstate designed their new uniforms and staffed a Loomstate for Chipotle booth at the festival selling exclusive Cultivate products as well as teaching attendees about sustainable production with a farm-to-finish area. Loving the common ground approach – whether the end product is food or clothing, it all starts in the earth. Chipotle proves yet again that being a main stream brand does not mean you have to sell out on your values – you can still get so much right about socially conscious thinking, branding and good business.

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