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Employers Embracing Wellness

Loving this article, All in a Day’s Work, in the recent issue of Yoga Journal profiling companies that are taking innovative approaches to embracing wellness in the workplace. Having opted out of the traditional corporate culture myself now almost 5 years ago it’s no surprise to read about the negative impacts of sitting still staring at a screen all day.

What is surprising is the sheer number and scope of companies that are really embracing these non-traditional approaches, realizing that it not only keeps team members happy but makes them more productive, engaged and creative.

From the article: “Play breaks make you more efficient, says Scott Eberle, editor of the American Journal of Play: ‘Walk away from your desk, whistle ‘Moondance,’ and spin a yo-yo a few times, and you return refreshed and ready.’ “

Very hopeful, positive trends!

August 12, 2013   No Comments