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Forefront Church in Brooklyn

Jonathan Williams is not your typical Pastor. His services quote everything from Jack Handy’s “Deep Thoughts” to Homer Simpson to more traditional Bible passages. He’s a young father juggling the demands of family, work and community – all the while striving to make a difference however he can. So, when he approached me this summer about helping create a marketing campaign to support the launch of Forefront Church’s new outpost in Brooklyn, I knew it was a fit for the work we do at Craft.

True to Craft’s commitment to action-oriented campaigns and Forefront’s commitment to cultivating the community they serve, we sought out strategic partners to collaborate with – creating custom programming or supporting events already in the works.

The first of these is a storytelling event curated by Brooklyn Based and offered free with RSVP. Sleepless in Brooklyn: A Night of Storytelling with Parents, Writers and Performers. Saturday, October 6, 7:30pm-9pm, doors at 7pm @ Roulette.

OVERVIEW via Brooklyn Based:

“If you’re raising kids in Brooklyn, you’re already tougher than your average Brooklynite–able to navigate subways with strollers, ignore disapproving glares, and strong-arm your child’s way into a good school–all on two hours of sleep.

You commiserate plenty with your partner and friends, and spend part of any date night talking about your kids. Why not laugh about your crazy-makers with Brooklyn’s best storytellers, instead? Line up a sitter on Saturday, October 6, and join us at Roulette as parents and authors Amy Sohn (Motherland), Victoria Brown (Grace in the City), Eliza Factor (The Mercury Factor), Abby Sher (Amen, Amen, Amen), Dave Mandl (The Believer, The Brooklyn Rail) and comedian Charles Star, our host for the evening, share tales about the highs and lows of parenthood.”

We also decided to integrate a OOH component with posters in Park Slope featuring quotes that represent the type of thinking embodied in Forefront’s community.

Forefront Church begins its progressive services at Roulette this Sunday, September 23 at 11 am  (details here). Check them out!

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Chipotle Cultivate Festival

So much to love about the recent Chipotle Cultivate Festival in Chicago.  Free to get in, dishes highlighting fresh, local, responsibly grown ingredients, celebrity chefs, great indie bands, and an entire experience dedicated to “learn(ing) about sustainable farming and get rewarded along the way”.

My friends at Loomstate designed their new uniforms and staffed a Loomstate for Chipotle booth at the festival selling exclusive Cultivate products as well as teaching attendees about sustainable production with a farm-to-finish area. Loving the common ground approach – whether the end product is food or clothing, it all starts in the earth. Chipotle proves yet again that being a main stream brand does not mean you have to sell out on your values – you can still get so much right about socially conscious thinking, branding and good business.

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Triscuit Champions Home Farming

Triscuit has teamed up with the non profit Urban Farming to help fuel what they’re calling the Home Farming Movement. The program’s mission is to plant fifty community-based home farms in twenty cities across the United States in 2010 which seem to be the core media generation tool to feed all ancillary outputs of the campaign. To keep the focus relevant to a broad consumer base, they’ve launched a website with a variety of community building and information sharing tools as well as integrating offline cross-over with “seeding” of basil and dill seed packages in select Triscuit packages.

It’s always promising to see a brand of this size taking such a strong step to support emerging social needs and the program does a great job of leveraging the brand’s innate resources to strengthen the home farming movement. What it seems to lack is just the final close of the loop to bring it back to Triscuit’s brand values. How, of all the causes and needs on the social landscape, did they pick this one? With some digging through the site it seems the alliance is with Triscuit’s commitment to simple, quality ingredients, but surely this connection could be made more core to the campaign to make it successful as both a philanthropic and marketing play.

The cross-over comes through really well on their TV spot (below), but somehow on the website and banner ads the connection gets lost a bit in execution. Regardless, the concept is strong and represents a type of thinking I for one hope we see more and more of in the years to come.


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John Derian Collection at Target September 5th

My friend Laura introduced me to John Derian’s work with one of his red letter plates and I instantly fell in love with his products and style. Target’s been bringing his eye for whimsy and glamor to the masses with John Derian for Target since 2008. Their new collection drops September 5th – 100 pieces priced from $1.99 – $25 – perfect for keeping summer alive through even the depths of winter.


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Dev x Hellz Bellz

Dev takes the look book concept to a new level for Hellz Bellz with the video for her new track Booty Bounce:

Dev x Hellz Lookbook from HELLZ on Vimeo.


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