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New Year, New Perspective

It is a blessing to do the work we do at Craft – to help clients we believe in grow their business and start and end each day feeling like what we do matters. But, you never know how life will evolve; how one step in the direction of your heart will influence a thousand after it. When I started Craft 4 years ago, I never could have imagined all the ways it would have changed my life and outlook on the world. This is my new sweet spot:

The sweet spot. Image by Anaïs Bock

Some of this change has been really uncomfortable – forcing me to break out of habits or ways of working and being that had served me so well in the past. Other parts have felt as natural as diving into a pond on a warm summer day, or leaning into a fire after an afternoon outside in the snow. Perhaps the hardest piece was finding the courage to listen to that voice inside of me calling for a slower pace, more connection with nature, and stronger sense of community.

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OKA b. By Clear Films Productions

Love this new promo piece for OKA b. from friends Danielle Bernstein and Jason Maris at Clear Films Productions. Beautiful profile of a smart, socially aware and innovative company.

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Green Building Consultancy Verdical Group Launches in LA

I remember first learning about LEED certification and the emergence of the green building industry in 2008 watching Ian Cheney’s film The Greening of Southie at the Camden International Film Festival. What began as a radical undercurrent has slowly but steadily moved toward the mainstream with the U.S. Green Building Council now boasting “77 chapters, 13,000 member organizations and 196,000 LEED professionals”. So what a pleasant surprise it was to reconnect with fellow Mainer Drew Shula and learn that he had leveraged his training in architecture at the University of Notre Dame to launch his LA based green building consultancy: Verdical Group.

In my mind, Drew embodies the best of what it means to be a social entrepreneur or social innovator. His business helps clients like Ramada Inn, ANEW Foundation and Kaiser Permanente realize business savings by implementing strategic, smart green building elements into their projects. It is a do well by doing good model that has potential to effect real positive change. Add to that Verdical Group‘s participation in 1% for the Planet and their team’s media savvy and my bet is that we will be hearing much more from them in the years to come.

Check out this video produced by Change for Balance for a bit more background on the genesis and vision of the company:

And this short documentary on the construction waste project Verdical Group completed for Kaiser Permanente. They were contracted as a subconsultant to ANEW Foundation with a scope that included researching the construction waste diversion regulations in all municipalities in California where Kaiser has a presence. Love the progressive, forward-thinking approach from Kaiser Permanente:

To learn more about Verdical Group: sign up for their newsletter or visit their LinkedIn, Facebook and U.S. Green Building Council member profile.

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A driving motivation behind the work we do here at Craft and the work of our clients: “Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” – John Wesley

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Holiday Gift Guide

Despite the unseasonably warm weather in NYC there is no denying that the holiday season is upon us. Christmas lights adorning every corner of the city, blissful tunnels of Christmas trees outside neighborhood delis, and increasingly stressed-out looks on peoples faces as they hit the streets in search of the perfect holiday gifts.

As you know I am a big fan of voting with your dollars and making purposeful purchase decisions. In the wake of Sandy the blanket materialism of the holidays seems even more out of touch with the real needs of our world and our spirits. But what is a girl to do? I still love finding the perfect present, wrapping it just so and seeing the smile of delight that follows. To me the solution, like so many things, lies in balance. Buy from local merchants, support independent businesses or those with a triple bottom line approach. What follows is a round up of some of my favorites:

Hot Blondies Bakery

These are my go-to corporate gift. They really stand out from the sea of generic gift baskets and are made by hand with top quality real ingredients – butter, sugar, flour, chocolate. Check them out this weekend at Refinery29′s Tinseltown Bazaar in Nolita.

Tin Mustard

A family business years in the making, Tin Mustard came onto the scene a few years ago and has been catching people’s attention ever since. They have a special edition out for the holidays – a must for stockings and host/ hostess gifts!

Jonathan Laurence

Artist Jon Laurence has limited edition 6″ circle prints perfect for holiday giving. $200 matted and framed or $75 for the print.

Shannon South

Designer Shannon South started her business with the ReMade line, crafted all from vintage materials, and recently expanded to include the Shannon South Collection. Everything is made with an eye toward sustainability and timelessness.

Fiddler’s Green Farm

Family owned Fiddler’s Green Farm makes my favorite pancake mixes and cereals – stone ground, organic and only the best quality ingredients. Their gift baskets with Maine maple syrup or blueberry jam are a great way to combat the winter blues.

Holbrooke by S. Berry

Every holiday season needs a little sparkle. Holbrooke’s founder Simone Berry brings such a fun sense of style and empowerment to her work – little reminders of the unique beauty we all posses and the power of believing in yourself.


Founder Anne-elise Stern started making these seed-blends to fuel her busy lifestyle as a corporate pilot and now is on a mission to share the power of Omega 3′s with the world. Love their holiday gift packs!

Jerri Finch

I have been blessed to grow up with a mother who is an amazingly talented artist. Her recent collection are some of my favorites – abstract land and water scapes of the ever-changing Maine coastline.

The Colonial Theatre

Give the gift of cinema in a beautifully restored art-deco theater in downtown Belfast, Maine.

Beauty Mark Spa

Pamper your loved ones with gift certificates to Beauty Mark in Camden, Maine or fun, colorful gifts from their boutique.

Mock Turtle Dove

Mock Turtle Dove owner Tara Marchionna has a whimsical style and an attention to detail that makes her woven, knit and felt styles irresistible!

Bay City Cargo

My uncle Mike is one of those serial entrepreneurs who I wonder how he ever has time to sleep. One of his newest businesses is this great collection of vintage marquee letters. They’re located in Belfast, Maine but ship anywhere.


No gift guide of mine would be complete without a link to Nau – a staple in my closet since a friend first introduced me to them years ago. The biggest company in this list but a true model for a new way of doing business. Materials are sustainably sourced and produced, % of sales go to charity, beautiful & functional designs.

Happy Holidays!!

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