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Dove: Beautify

I am loving this clever campaign out of Olgivy Toronto for Dove. They created a photoshop action under the name Beautify, that simply undid all the edits of manipulations the re-toucher had completed and added the text: “Don’t manipulate our perceptions of real beauty. #dovepositivechange”

Curious to see how many downloads it got and what the reactions were but definitely an innovative approach to an issue Dove has been dedicated to tackling for over a decade.

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Functional Branded Content

Brands as media and content creators has become standard on the marketing landscape.  But where many turn to collaborations or outside partnerships to fill this need, others create purely self-branded content which serves a function – to entertain, inform or empower – while also being a marketing vehicle for the brand. The stakes are higher here, but done right it can reap great success in brand awareness and customer loyalty. Three brands doing it well:

Adidas’ Urban Art Guide

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The trend continues – webisodes are back in a big way and with much higher production quality than was seen in their first wave a few years back. Audi has partnered with Justin Timberlake, Dania Ramirez and Torpedo to create THE NEXT BIG THING – a film promoting the launch of the Audi A1 and being released in episodic portions starting May 4th, 2010.

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Michael Bublé x Nordstrom

In follow up to the post earlier this week on brand collaborations, another company doing it well. Nordstrom is sponsoring Michael Bublé’s Crazy Love national tour and has started releasing tongue-in-cheek webisodes chronicling the tour along with a full microsite subtly highlighting the connections between the artist and the brand. The best part of all this work? They let Michael do what he does well and give him room to shine.

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Minute to Win It

First impressions are everything.

Ask people what they look at when they first meet a new person: some say eyes, their smile, arms, breasts. Many say a person’s shoes are the window to their soul. Or maybe their handbag, watch, posture, nails. Our minds are amazing machines, built to take in tremendous amounts of disparate data, turn it over and calculate an outcome – is this a person I want to get to know better? Have a relationship with? Hire as a consultant? Never see again until the end of my days? This is judging a book by its cover, sure enough. But life moves so fast, especially in a city of 8 million people, that whether we like it or not, every day we are making split decisions about the people we meet.

And more and more the products we consume, wear, and utilize are a part of the data being taken into account with each new meeting. [Read more →]

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